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Horse EP

by Lights

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The third Lights EP


released October 23, 2007




Lights London, UK

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Track Name: Wave
The sea is calling you again;
he can see it in your eyes
on the shore, at night, it sings to you,
like a wrecking ball.

The boats are moored,
the water's high
and the sea is blind, blind, blind

Every wave's a part of you.
Track Name: Mountains
I wish I was a horse
with hooves all made of gold
a tail on fire
and wings like mountains.

I could hold up my hands
against all of the slaughter
of all my little friends
and no-one would laugh.

I would run for you
I could run for you
I would run for you
I could run for you
Track Name: Winter
Someday, the waters will rise over us
and all the fuses will blow one more time
and radios fall dumb
and we will, we'll be there when they do

Boats on fire sink into mud
and planes fall like leaves into the sea
and trains all stand their ground
and we'll find a brand new road

and then there will be no more winter in your eyes
and no more wires, lord, in our brains

After October, the waters change.
Find my sail, and bring my line;
it's time.